Want to check out the tournament action without forking over your hard-earned cash?

Curious about how it all works but not into competitive solving?

Or maybe you're just, like, idk, a nice helpful person or something.

Well, we could use a hand at the tournament. It's easy work, you'll still have time to socialize, and we'll buy you lunch! Plus, since you won't be solving at the tournament, we'll throw in free solve-at-home copies of the meta suite and the tournament puzzles (though we unfortunately can't guarantee that the tournament puzzle solutions won't be spoiled for you).

To sign up as a volunteer, simply fill in the form below and hit the "Sign Me Up" button at the bottom and we'll be in touch!

Note that we are not looking for test-solvers at this time. If you won't be attending the tournament but would still really like to help out, HIT UP OUR EMAIL and we'll let you know if there's anything we could use help with.

Contact Information
First, we'll need to know who you are and how to reach you.
How Can You Help?
Next, let us know what you're ok with maybe doing. There are a number of things to get done at the tourney, and it generally works best if everyone just helps out where/when they can. If there's something you really don't want to or can't do, simply uncheck the box next to it and we'll make sure to not ask you.
Hand out puzzles to players
Collect solved puzzles from players and bring them to scoring table
Check completed puzzles and highlight errors and empty squares
While the venue staff do most of the set-up and heavy lifting, we sometimes have to move stuff around and we like to add a bit of flair to the room. We may also need help preparing the big boards for the finals
This is not a specific task, but we run a bit of A/V as well as manage the tournament and scoring on a computer, and sometimes it's nice to have another person around to help troubleshoot if things go wrong
Other Information
Lastly, use the text box below to let us know of any food allergies/preferences, accessibility needs, time constraints, and/or other questions/concerns you may have.