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Date June 03, 2017
Location GWU, Washington D.C.
Number of competitors 128
Theme Time
2017 Champion
Inside Track
1st Medal gold Katie Hamill
2nd Medal silver Roger Barkan
3rd Medal bronze Dave Tuller
Outside Track
1st Medal gold Eric Cockayne
2nd Medal silver Brian Lipinski
3rd Medal bronze Mike Sell
Other Awards
The PuzzleGirl Prize for Rookie of the Year Brian Lipinski
Titan of Tittling Award for Penmanship Aaron Riccio
joon pahk award for worst handwriting Christopher King
Yogi Berra Best Wrong Answer Nick Napolitano
FireballCrosswords.com Indie Spirit Award Matt Gaffney
Puzzle 1 - Before and After
by Angela Olson Halsted
15x15, 78 words, 15:00 time limit
Puzzle 2 - Jam Session
by Paolo Pasco
19x14, 91 words, 35:00 time limit
Puzzle 3 - This Mashup's for the Byrds
by Tracy Bennett
18x18, 109 words, 35:00 time limit
Puzzle 4 - Non-Linear Narratives
by Erik Agard ft. Allegra Kuney
19x19, 114 words, 45:00 time limit
Puzzle 5 - In Search of Lost Time
by Neville Fogarty
17x17, 98 words, 25:00 time limit