**Tournament registration is currently closed**
We are at our capacity for the in-person event. We'd love to have you join us but unfortunately the room just won't hold any more competitors.
There's a chance that one or more competitors will not be able to make it, in which case we would have room for you. If you'd like to be notified if a spot opens up, GET IN TOUCH and we'll add your name to the waiting list.
Solve at Home

In addition to the tournament registration, we have a number of packages of solve-at-home puzzles. You can order this year's all-new meta suite, as well as the puzzles from past tournaments. The meta suite is a pay-what-you-want item, while past tournament puzzle packs are $5 each.

You can also join the solve-at-home division for just $10 if you can't make it to D.C. for the event; we'll send you this year's puzzles after the tournament and you can solve whenever you'd like. Send us your completed grids and solving times and we'll score your puzzles for you and place you on the Indie 500 leaderboard to see how you stacked up against the other in-person and at-home contestants!

We're doing things a little differently with the solve-at-home division this year: rather than score the puzzles as they trickle in, we'll collect them for just over a month and then score them all at once and crown a solve-at-home champion. You'll have until July 8, 2019 to get your grids and times in to us to be eligible to get your name in the standings (though the puzzles will still be available throughout the rest of the year).

If you'd like to attend but don't care if you compete or not you might want to consider volunteering at the tournament. The work is light (but essential!) and attendance is free (in fact, we'll buy you lunch!). If you're interested, head on over to the VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP PAGE.
Use the checkboxes to select what you'd like (all figures in USD)
This year's tournament puzzles, emailed to you following the tournament and scored using tournament rules
"Where on the Globe Is Carla Sacramento?": An interconnected set of five meta puzzles plus a final meta-meta puzzle, available by donation. These puzzles share the travel theme of the 2019 tournament, but are otherwise unrelated to the tournament puzzles.
All tournament puzzles, plus a few bonuses, from last year's tournament
All tournament puzzles, plus a few bonuses, from the third tournament
All tournament puzzles, plus a few bonuses, from the second tournament
All tournament puzzles, plus a few bonuses, from the first tournament
**All purchases are subject to our Cancellation Policy**